About Me
Hi! My name is William Battles. I've decided to develop this web page in order to enhance stamp trading as well as promote my stamp auctions and stamp store on Ebay.

I live in Lexington, Kentucky. I'm originally from the Maryland area. I have 25 years experience as a philatelist. I started at a very young age and haven't stopped! I collected stamps for the majority of my time as a philatelist, but have now switched gears to become a fulltime stamp dealer through Ebay.

Outside of stamps I'm an archaeologist for the mid-Atlantic and Ohio River Valley area of the United States. I've worked on prehistoric and historic surveys and sites which have been interesting. I was a middle and high school social studies teacher for awhile, but I preferred archaeology and my peace of mind. One of my more recent interesting projects included the 2003 burial excavations at Secaucus, New Jersey.

Personal References:

1. American Philatelic Society Member  #188814 since 1998.

2. Bowie Stamp Club Member #378 1997-2002.

3. Stamp Trader's List Member  1992-1998  (about 650 trades completed)

4. Ebay Feedback (ID = wbattles)   Click Here to View the store!  Over 3500!

Please email me at:   battlestamps@msn.com