Trade Offers

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1. Postally used commemorative stamps from the United States

I offer postally used U.S. commemorative stamps from the time period of the 1930's to 1992. I do not include the common Xmas or love stamps unless you ask for them. I trade only undamaged stamps, all different, and off paper.

In return I'm looking for undamaged postally used worldwide commemoratives from any country that was issued from 1980 to present. I will also trade for postally used U.S. commemoratives from 1996 to present.
I will offer 2 of my stamps for 1 of yours. 100 U.S. commemoratives for 50 worldwide commemoratives, OR 200 U.S. commemoratives for 100 worldwide commemoratives.

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2. U.S. Definitive Stamps Postally Used

I have a large variety of postally used U.S. definitive stamps from the 1880's to the present day. The lots I would make up for trade will be all different and undamaged. I do include perf, booklet, printing, and coil varieties.

I would like to trade these stamps in lots of 100 to 300. I will trade them 3:1 for postally used post1980 worldwide commemorative stamps or current (32-37 cents) used U.S. commemoratives (except Xmas and Love stamps).

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